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domestic and international manufacturing

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Global Outsourcing

Domestic and International Outsourcing

Outsourcing manufacturing is critical to maximizing productivity. The real question is, "How long will your company remain competitive if it fails to use this proven business concept?"

The team at Trimble Associates will transfer 50 years of experience with manufacturing, and product development services, to efficiently supply your components, sub-assemblies and finished products over a full range of processes and materials. We have grown to include facilities in the United States, Taiwan, China.

We specialize in locating and qualifying dependable sources for your components throughout the
United States, Taiwan and China.

Trimble Associates serves a large and prestigious customer base, many of which are household names throughout the world and leaders in their own fields. Our success is based upon achieving continuous customer satisfaction and our ability to identify and satisfy individual business needs cost effectively. Allow us to show what outsourcing your manufacturing can do for your bottom line. We would like to serve you.