Trimble Associates

727 Skywalk Lane
Lancaster, PA 17601

Phone: 410.340.8862
Fax: 717.560.1288

What We Do

Domestic and International Outsourcing

Global Outsourcing

The team at Trimble Associates will transfer fifty years of experience with manufacturing and product development services, to efficiently supply your components, sub-assemblies and finished products over a full range of processes and materials. We offer:

  • Factory Qualification and Auditing
  • Competitive Quotations
  • Engineering Support
  • Tooling Design and Product Development
  • Production and Scheduling Monitoring
  • Quality Assurance
  • Seamless Logistics
  • Warehousing and JIT Delivery

Your company will benefit from an established network of Import and Export delivery systems.

Company Profile

Headquartered in : Lancaster, Pennsylvania United States

Trimble Associates was founded in 1973 by James A. Trimble to serve small to medium size companies. Recognizing the trend of outsourcing, Trimble Associates developed a network of world-class manufacturers that will enable our customers to realize lower material and assembly cost.

Trimble Associates has grown to include facilities in the United States, Taiwan and China